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The Heavenly Paws family has been caring for families for nearly two decades. Many families were unsure of what to do after losing a pet companion; at Heavenly Paws Cremations, we knew that those companions deserved grace and integrity after their passing.

The loss of a beloved companion is a significant event in the lives of your family and friends. Additionally, this could be the first time a child has experienced a loss, and it is important to have a dignified way for families to move forward and honor what the companion meant to them.

Studies have proven that pet companions make an impact on our health and well-being. They also provide a structure to our lives that makes a difference. We are honored to be of service in acknowledging what they mean to us and helping families move forward.

Please call us today for more information or to take a tour of our facility exclusively for pet companions and their families.

Tom Rouse

Tom Rouse

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